SSC Service Utility

SSC Service Utility allow you to do many amazing things with Your Epson printer :
1) Work directly with CSIC in Epson Stylus printers cartridges.
2) Reset or rewrite any chip using special addon device.
3) Freeze internal ink counters.
4) Reset internal ink counters even with empty cartridges.
5) Separate cleaning of color and black heads for all Epson inkjet printers, powerful cleaning mode.
6) Hot swapping of cartridges supported.
7) Resetting of protection counter (even then it is already full).
8) More then 100 different Epson printers supported

This allow many people with high printing demands to save some money (program works with both black and color cartridges).

Up to day this software works under Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP with both the LPT and USB printers.

NOTE ! You can lost Epson lifetime guarantee on print head by refilling ink cartridges!

Latest versions changes:
New in 4.30:
- support for R270
- support for R240
- support for R340
- support for CX2800
- support for CX3900
- support for CX4900
- support for CX5900
- support for C58/C59
- support for RX640
- improved support for C2100/2200
- improved support for RX700
- improved support for R2400
- improved support for 785EPX/825/895/915
- some other improvements and bug fixes

- support for CX4200/CX4700/CX4800/DX4200/DX4800
- support for C47/C48
- support for RX430
- support for CX6500/CX6300
- improved support for CX6400/CX6600
- improved support for RX500/RX510
- improved support for RX600/RX610
- improved support for R1800
- improved support for CX3700/CX3800/DX3800/DX3850
- improved support for C67/C68/D68
- improved support for C87/C88/D88

- support for PM-970C
- support for PictureMate
- support for RX700
- support for R2400
- support for PM-A700
- support for PM-G720
- support for RX520
- support for CX7800
- support for CX4100
- support for DX3800
- support for CX3800/CX3810
- support for CX3700
- support for C67/68 and Photo Editions
- support for C87/C88/D88 and Photo Editions
- support for R220/R230
- support for R320
- support for CX4500
- support for CX3650
- support for CX4600
- support for CX5300
- support for CX5100
- support for RX420
- support for RX425
- support for RX620
- support for R1800
- improved support for almost all other printers
- improved ink freezer
- improved ink monitor, implemented status information
- protection counter reset improvements
- various bug fixes

Download SSCServe 4.30 

EPSON Adjustment Program (Resetter) Download Page
Canon Resetter Download Page

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